Saturday, September 18, 2010

Which Version are you running (SPx w/Rollup x?) - Easily Tell Now!

Ehlo All,

Ever wonder if you have Rollup 6 or 7 installed on Exchange 2007 SP1. It can be very complicated since Exchange just lists a build version # 8.1.340.1 or 8.1.359.2. I work with Exchange a lot, and I can't remember them. So, thankfully Microsoft has a handy wiki page that does.


Sunday, September 5, 2010

Exchange 2010 SP1 Released...

Ehlo All,

Exchange 2010 SP1 was released on August 24. This is not just a "service pack", but adds a # of features. Any "service pack" that upgrades the AD schema is more than just a few bug fixes. Before you upgrade to this, confirm your software applications for Exchange will support this since there are a LOT of changes with SP1.

Some note worthy changes
- server-side archiving (aka Online Archives) can now be stored in a separate database from mailbox
- OWA changes (UI changes)
- new management UI & features
- import/export on Exchange Server w/o need for Outlook

2 good postings for more information.

Windows IT Pro - Tony Redmond posting

Microsoft - What's New in Exchange 2010 SP1